Office Policies


Scheduling Guidelines for Parent's Information:

Your scheduled appointment is reserved specifically for your child.  Any change in this appointment greatly affects other patients.  If a cancellation is unavoidable, please call the office at least 24 hours in advance so that we may give this time to another patient.  Our office will gladly provide you and your child with work and school excuses when you are in our office.

• Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.  This will allow time to complete any additional paperwork and enable us to see your child on time.
• We strive to see all patients on time for their scheduled appointment.  There are times when our schedule is delayed in order to accommodate an injured child or an emergency.  Please accept our apology in advance should this occur during your appointment.  We will do exactly the same for your child should they need emergency treatment.
• If you arrive 15 or more minutes late for your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule for the next appointment time.
• All corrective procedures (fillings, extractions, sedations, etc.) will be scheduled in the morning.  Children, as well as adults, are more prepared and do better in the morning for these types of procedures.
• Broken or missed appointments affect many people.  If two (2) broken/missed appointments occur or two (2) cancellations without 24 hours notice occur, our office reserves the right to NOT schedule any subsequent appointments for your child.  In addition, a "broken appointment" fee of $25 will be charged for each occurrence.

Payment of Fees:

• Payment is required at each appointment as service is rendered and can be made by cash, check, or credit card.  If you are unable to make payment at that time, your child's appointment will be rescheduled.
• Please be aware that the parent bringing the child to our office is responsible for payment of all charges for that visit.  We can not send statements to other persons.
• For our patients with dental insurance, please bring your current insurance information with you at each appointment.  We will accept payment for treatment directly from your insurance carrier; however, we require that you pay for non-covered fees as treatment progresses.  In the event of a duplicate payment, you will be reimbursed.


In the event of a dental injury, please call our office as soon as possible so that we can make immediate plans to see your child.  If a baby tooth has been knocked out, do not replace it.  If a permanent tooth has been knocked out, rinse it gently without touching the root.  If possible, immediately reinsert the tooth in its socket.  If this is not possible, place the tooth in milk and call our office immediately.  The first 30-60 minutes are critical in saving a tooth.  In order to accommodate an injured child, our schedule may be delayed.  Please accept our apologies ahead of time should this occur during your child's visit.

Infectious Disease Control:

When visiting our office, you will observe many measures practiced by Dr. Crews and his staff to ensure your child's protection from bacteria and viruses.  Special equipment such as ultrasonic cleaners, chemical and steam heat sterilizers are used routinely.  In addition, the use of many disposable instruments, materials, masks, and gloves guard against cross infection.  Your child's health and well-being will always be a top priority in our office.


We sincerely trust that you and your child will find the first visit and all visits to our office comfortable and rewarding.  We appreciate your referral of family and friends to our office.  If at any time you have any questions, feel free to call our office at (270) 683-7447.